Exclusive: “People Want Stronger Governments” AI Expert Stuart Russell on AI Laws & Regulations

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Stuart Russell, professor of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley, and eminent authority on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, warns about the dangers of unchecked AI development. As co-author of the standard text in the field of AI “Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach”, his qualifications are unmatched.

In an exclusive interview with Business Today’s Aayush Ailawadi, Professor Russell stressed the need for patience and the importance of understanding the laws and regulations surrounding AI. When asked about the current state of AI law, he said the need for a moratorium on unchecked AI development is consistent with forthcoming legislation in the EU. He warned against companies releasing problematic systems and urged them to follow reasonable regulations.

Professor Russell also touched on the news of Italy’s recent ChatGPT ban. He revealed that what actually happened was a bug in the billing software that theoretically allowed users to view other users’ billing information for a short period of time. For unknown reasons, regulators deemed this a violation of data privacy laws, not AI laws. Russell stressed that data security bugs occur in all kinds of computer software on the web, and companies should be subject to reasonable regulations to avoid such situations.

He added that people need to trust their software and avoid situations where children have inappropriate conversations with bots or become addicted to video game software designed to create physiological dependence. emphasized that there is

“We don’t want a situation where companies release systems that are causing all sorts of problems and are shut down by regulators. There are reasonable regulations and companies comply with reasonable regulations.” People want to be able to trust their software,” says Russell.

He argues that government regulation is necessary to prevent such abuses, and believes that this regulatory process is beneficial to all involved. So, I think a lot of people want the government to enforce reasonable regulations, and without those regulations these industries couldn’t exist because no one could do drugs. “Because we didn’t trust, nobody flew, nobody bought a car. So it’s a profitable process,” Russell concluded.

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