Entropik launches AI-generated reports with Decode and Qatalyst

Machine Learning

Entropik, a leading human insights company, recently announced the release of AI-generated reports, the latest feature of its Decode and Qatalyst platforms.

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“Traditional reporting methods for market research are often time-consuming and labor-intensive.”

Until now, the market research and insights industry has relied on identifying deep insights from basic consumer inputs. These inputs were typically hidden deep within interview and survey data, taking 2-3 weeks to manually dig out. But with our newly launched AI-generated reports, our clients can use generative AI to mine hidden insights and turn them into presentable reports with clear visualizations and detailed analysis.

This allows brands to quickly understand consumer and user behavior trends and make smart decisions.

“Traditional report generation methods in market research are often time-consuming and labor-intensive,” said Ranjan Kumar, CEO of Entropik. “We are excited to introduce our new AI-generated reporting capability, which significantly eases this burden by delivering high-quality, insightful reports with incredible speed and accuracy, empowering researchers to make data-driven decisions more efficiently.”

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The AI-generated reporting feature provides:

Easy reporting with 3 options:

  • Created from scratch: Enjoy complete control over design and content by selecting a template, uploading custom images, and customizing the report to fit your specific needs.
  • Media-first AI creation: Streamline report generation by selecting media from your research and generating outlines with customizable titles and themes.
  • Created with AI, Starting at the prompt: Enter your desired prompt or research objective, or select from sample prompts, to generate your report.

Enhanced collaboration and security:

AI-generated reports provide additional features, including:

  • Presentation View: Present reports directly from the Decode and Qatalyst platforms to ensure an efficient flow of information.
  • Shareable reports: Share the report with your team via the i****** Access link.
  • Data Encryption: For added security, reports can be encrypted to protect sensitive data.
  • Downloadable reports: Download the report in PPT format to maintain offline access.

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