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Applications of AI

The odds are against today’s defenders
Today, the odds remain high for cybersecurity professionals. Often they wage asymmetrical battles against prolific and constantly sophisticated attackers. To protect organizations, defenders must respond to threats that often hide in the noise. Exacerbating this challenge is the global shortage of skilled security professionals.3.4 million openingson site.

Overcoming these challenges will require continuous development of new technologies to tip the scales in favor of defenders. With rapid advances in AI, organizations are applying the technology to a variety of use cases, enabling security professionals to drive innovation and disrupt attackers’ traditional advantages.

As the world enters a new era of security, Microsoft is taking a big step forward by combining cutting-edge security technology with the latest advances in AI. At the first Microsoft Secure event, Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Security Copilot. The Microsoft Security Copilot was formed by the power of OpenAI’s GPT-4 generated AI to revolutionize the field of cybersecurity.

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Security Copilot — end-to-end defense at machine speed and scale
Microsoft Security Copilotis the first security product that enables defenders to move at the speed and scale of AI. Security Copilot combines this advanced Large Language Model (LLM) with Microsoft’s security-specific model.

Dennis Chung, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Singapore, said: Our Microsoft Security Copilot brings the power of AI to the individual, driving innovation and allowing them to scale at their pace. This creates a safe digital environment for everyone. “

This security-specific model incorporates a growing security-specific skill set, informed by Microsoft’s own global threat intelligence and over 65 trillion daily signals. Security Copilot also offers an enterprise-grade security and privacy compliant experience because it runs on Azure’s hyperscale infrastructure.

When prompted by security professionals, Security Copilot takes full advantage of security-specific models to deploy skills and queries that maximize the value of modern large language model capabilities. This is specific to security use cases. Microsoft’s cyber training model adds a learning system to create and refine new skills. Security Copilot then helps enhance analysts’ work by finding what other approaches may have missed. In a typical incident, this boost translates into improved quality of detection, speed of response, and ability to strengthen your security posture.

Security Copilot doesn’t always get everything right. AI-GENERATED CONTENT MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. However, Security Copilot is a closed loop learning system. This means that we continuously learn from our users and give them the opportunity to provide explicit feedback using feedback features built right into the tool. As we continue to learn from these interactions, we are adjusting our responses to create more consistent, relevant, and useful answers.

Security Copilot also integrates with end-to-end Microsoft security products and will expand over time to a growing ecosystem of third-party products. So Security Copilot isn’t just a large scale language model, it’s a learning system that enables organizations to truly defend at machine speed.

We believe security is a team sport and security should be built around privacy. Security Copilot is built with security teams in mind. Your data is always your data and is under your control. It is not used to train the underlying AI models and is in fact protected by the most comprehensive enterprise compliance and security controls. Easily share each user’s interactions with other team members while preserving privacy to accelerate incident response, collaborate more effectively on complex issues, and develop collective skills can.

Technology that enhances human power
Human creativity and knowledge will always be essential for defense. Security Copilot empowers security professionals with machine speed and scale, deploying where human ingenuity matters most. In delivering this experience, we are guided by her three principles:

  • Simplify the complex.
    Fractions matter in security. With Security Copilot, defenders can respond to security incidents within minutes instead of hours or days. Security Copilot provides critical step-by-step guidance and context through a natural language-based investigation experience that accelerates incident investigation and response. The ability to quickly summarize processes and events and tailor reports to desired audiences allows defenders to focus on their most pressing tasks.
  • Catch what others miss.
    Attackers hide behind noise and weak signals. Defenders can now detect signals of malicious behavior and threats that might otherwise go undetected. Security Copilot surfaces high-priority threats in real-time and predicts attackers’ next moves with continuous inference based on Microsoft’s global threat intelligence. Security Copilot also comes with skills that represent her security analyst expertise in areas such as threat hunting, incident response, and vulnerability management.
  • Address talent gaps.
    Security team capacity is always limited by team size and the natural limits of human attention. Security Copilot improves defender skills by answering security-related questions, from basic to complex. Security Copilot continuously learns from user interactions, adapts to corporate preferences, and advises defenders on the best course of action to achieve a more secure outcome. It also supports learning as the new team her members are exposed to new skills and approaches as they grow. This enables security teams to do more with fewer resources and operate with the capabilities of larger, more mature organizations.

Unparalleled security features
Security Copilot combines Microsoft’s most advanced security technology with the latest advances in AI to pass the benefits of agility back to defenders. By working with Security Copilot, organizations have access to unmatched depth and breadth of security AI capabilities, including:

  • continuous access toState-of-the-art OpenAI modelSupport the most demanding security tasks and applications
  • aSecurity-specific modelBenefit from continuous enhancements, learning, and user feedback to meet the unique needs of security professionals.
  • Visibility and Evergreen Threat IntelligenceLeverage your organization’s security productsAnd with the 65 trillion threat signals Microsoft sees every day, security teams are armed with the latest knowledge about attackers, their tactics, techniques, and procedures.
  • Integration with Microsoft’s end-to-end security portfolioA highly efficient experience built on security signals.
  • Unique and growing listskills and promptsElevate your security team’s expertise and set the bar high for what’s possible with limited resources.

Deliver security AI in a responsible way
without a doubtAI transformsShows how organizations around the world are interacting with security technology. Security AI solutions must be delivered in a safe and secure environment to realize their full potential.responsible wayReinforce your commitment to impactful and responsible AI practices by innovating responsibly, empowering others, and driving positive impact with Security Copilot.

Fundamental to this work is our commitment to how Security Copilot processes your data.

  • Your data is your data.You own and control it, and you choose how to leverage and monetize it.
  • Customer data is not used to train or enhance the underlying AI modelsUsed by others – No one but your organization will benefit from AI trained on data or business processes.
  • Your data and AI models are protectedat every stepDelivered by the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise compliance and security controls.

A new era of security
At Microsoft, security is ultimately aboutpeopleWith Security Copilot, we are building a future where every defender can leverage their technology and expertise to reach their full potential. Technology will play a key role in this journey, but security success will continue to depend on human efforts.

We look forward to taking this journey with you. Welcome to the new era of security.

Learn more: https://news.microsoft.com/ai-security-2023/

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