Elektor Lab Talk #19: Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Check out the replay of Elektor Lab Talk #19, where we discussed various machine learning projects, did live demos with a Raspberry Pi, and our editors and engineers also answered some questions from the audience.

Did you watch our latest live Elektor Lab Talk on June 27, 2024? If you missed it live, watch the replay now. In the episode, we explore the exciting world of AI and machine learning. Join us for a casual discussion packed with actionable insights and demonstrations.

Lab Talk #19

Take a peek at the July-August 2024 issue of Elektor Mag, where you'll find articles about the Raspberry Pi AI Kit and other innovative topics and projects. Senior Engineer Saad shares his hands-on experience with machine learning experiments, including the Capture Count project, which uses Raspberry Pi and the YOLO library for object detection. He also reveals his plans to use the latest YOLO V10 library for even more accurate detection. He also introduces the versatile Elektor eXpansion board, which he designed and is compatible with Seeed Studio's Xiao series microcontroller modules. Whether you want extra functionality or multiple I/O options, this board has you covered. He also shares one of his upcoming projects, packed with advanced sensors.

This video also introduces an upcoming article on TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers, and covers the steps from collecting and preparing data to training and deploying models with Edge Impulse. Stay tuned! We also cover analyzing sensor data and various AI frameworks and libraries.

Finally, watch Brian demonstrate a live demo of image recognition on a Raspberry Pi and speech-to-text using Whisper. Brian also shares his thoughts on the new Raspberry Pi AI Kit. We hope this demo helps you understand the potential of AI in real-world applications and inspires you to create your own AI-driven projects.

Whether you're specifically interested in ML or just want to watch a casual discussion about electronics, check out our latest Lab Talk below.


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