Egypt’s Top Innovative AI-Based Startups (2023)

AI and ML Jobs

Given its long history as a hub for invention and technology, it’s no surprise that Egypt is now a thriving hub for artificial intelligence (AI)-focused startups. These companies are using AI to transform industries as diverse as e-commerce, healthcare, and education. Some of Egypt’s most cutting-edge AI startups are listed below.


WideBot is a chatbot platform that uses AI to provide assistance and customer care to businesses. Use NLP and machine learning to provide personalized solutions to customer inquiries, automate customer care, and minimize response times. Businesses can adapt different chatbot templates from WideBot to their specific requirements. Users can choose a template or simply use the drag-and-drop interface to create a custom her bot without any coding knowledge.

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crowd analyzer

Crowd Analyzer provides organizations with the most accurate and relevant data so they can better understand consumer needs and, as a result, develop the most effective social media campaigns and marketing plans. The solution analyzes hashtags, phrases, and words across social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, News, and uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing to identify the most popular human interactions. Select a subject with


Weelo provides digital supply chain solutions to streamline interactions between retailers and suppliers. Weelo is a digital marketplace that uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics to enable B2B retailers and suppliers to connect, interact, and collaborate in a more scalable and effective way. Its solutions include real-time order management, warehouse audits, field sales management, analytics and reporting, and more.


MerQ provides AI and NLP powered chatbots for the financial industry. Create a virtual finance assistant to help your finance organization engage with customers more effectively. Through its AI-based virtual assistants (chatbots), MerQ saves users time and provides information and recommendations to help Egyptians make informed financial decisions. On the one hand, it provides financial institutions with insights to better serve them. institutions and their users.

AvidBeam technology

Avidbeam provides businesses with AI-based video analytics and optimization solutions. Combine big data analytics tools to quickly and accurately process and analyze massive video streams. We provide cutting-edge solutions for target markets such as smart retail, smart cities, and smart buildings. Topics range from business intelligence, security, public safety, and more.

blink app

BlinkApp is an app that monitors driver behavior and notifies emergency services and the user’s personal network in the event of a traffic accident. In addition, the phone does not have to withstand accidents, providing instant accident confirmation and rapid accident detection. Insurance companies also benefit in cases such as accident claims. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

web building

Webville uses computer vision and artificial intelligence tools to deliver solutions for businesses and individuals. We develop deep learning models for various fields such as security, media, fashion, and games. One of his notable products, Artville, is an AI-based photo editing tool that allows e-commerce companies to automate the photo editing process on the fly. Other applications include heat map creation, traffic and pedestrian counting, photorealistic media creation, night vision to daylight video conversion, and video analytics.

Talents Arena

Talents Arena is a tech recruitment portal powered by artificial intelligence. The platform makes it easy for developers to find jobs that match their expectations and skills. In addition, it will help you prepare for interviews. Conduct on-demand technical assessments, code reviews, conduct her one-on-one interviews with software developers, and provide applicants with a comprehensive strengths report to reduce the time spent finding the right developer We help companies by providing them.

Division X

DevisionX provides enterprises with a zero-code, seamless AI vision solution.

Using zero code without any AI experience, we help industry professionals develop AI and computer vision solutions to everyday problems. Their platform,, is a no-code AI platform that automates machine learning processes for businesses. The platform empowers users with a governed and flexible approach to labeling, training, and deploying AI vision applications.


There is nothing more tedious and time consuming than waiting in long lines. Qme offers a digital queue management tool to address this issue. It is a real-time AI-powered digital queuing application with fully automated user processing. Customers can use it to enter the queue for any service before going to the designated location. Qme allows users to select services, partners, recommended or preferred branches, and tickets with just a few clicks from their smartphone.

print life

Print-Life works with leading hospitals, medical facilities and healthcare systems to make MRI and CT scans more effective by transforming them into simpler, cheaper and more effective 3D models. Useful for This improves the effectiveness of surgical procedures, reduces the time required to complete the required surgery, and increases the success rate. We offer models created using 3D printers commonly used in the fields of orthopedics, cardiology, oncology, urology, pediatrics, and dentistry.

sitting down

Zarei provides a digital platform for smart agriculture. To enhance agricultural production and solve farmer challenges, especially the impact of climate change on agriculture in Egypt and Arab countries, the company uses satellite technology to serve farmers and agribusinesses. Through websites and mobile applications, we can provide key indicators such as climate, soil type and crop suitability that can impact every farmer’s life.


Intixel aims to use AI algorithms for the benefit of patients by providing automated second opinions to radiologist diagnoses and improving productivity. Their solution, AIRA, provides radiologists with an AI-powered second observer that can classify patients and highlight abnormalities. Create a structured draft report containing potential clues. It is designed to continuously update the predictive model by seamlessly combining the original model with new specific cases and accumulating diagnostic discrepancies with radiologists.

Synaptic analysis

Synapse Analytics is an AI startup that provides services and products that help businesses make better use of their data. Combining all major types of analytics, allowing any company to fully leverage his AI through their own data.

The company’s products help business executives, IT specialists, and data scientists better manage data workflows and better monitor algorithm performance. FMCG/manufacturers, NBFIs, consumer finance companies, or retailers can all benefit from Synapse Analytics.


Cassbana is a technology solution that creates economic identities for the poor in Egypt through the development of microcredits and behavior-based scoring systems. Its technology platform allows businesses and people to assess their financial situation and credit score before requesting a loan from a lending partner. Borrowers can easily seek loans, verify their identities and track the status of their requests with the help of this user-friendly software while real-time actionable data is collected. .

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