disguise and Move.ai partner to power high-fidelity motion capture across media and entertainment

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disguise announces partnership with Move.ai. Through this partnership, disguise and Move.ai are developing custom AI technology based on Invisible, real-time markerless motion capture software.

The integration of the Invisible and disguise platforms aims to redefine real-time motion capture by eliminating the need for restrictive and expensive motion capture suits. The technology uses advanced AI, computer vision, biomechanics and physics to extract natural human movements from video, automatically retargeting the data to the character his rig to mimic human movements. It works by creating a virtual character that can be reflected in real time.

“When it comes to virtual characters and real-time effects, we need to translate movement into data.” Chief Product and Technology Officer at Raed Al Tikriti“Motion capture and recreation are key pieces of the puzzle. We want to make this technology as accessible and scalable as possible so our community of partners can enhance shared experiences, entertainment and storytelling. increase.”

Invisible is integrated with the scalable processing capabilities of disguise hardware. With motion capture data directly integrated into the creative workflow of disguise Designer software, you don’t have to compromise your creative vision. Meanwhile, disguise’s RenderStream protocol reliably transports skeleton data across disguise’s Unreal Engine rendering cluster, keeping content and tracking data synchronized throughout the production workflow, and seamlessly blending the physical and virtual worlds.

This partnership allows more creative and technical teams to work with virtual characters without experiencing typical motion capture and graphics rendering challenges such as lag, sensor drift, interference and extensive data cleanup. can. A combined solution can be used to:

  • Avatars in the Metaverse Experience
  • Digital characters in virtual production and AR players in broadcast
  • Realistic shadow casting for on-stage talent
  • Gesture-triggered 3D graphics and scene changes
  • Particle effects triggered by motion, such as smoke or fire

“We are delighted to be working with Move.ai, who have definitely made waves in this space over the past year.” Fernando Kufer, CEO of disguise“At disguise, we continue to explore the intersection of the physical and the virtual, so partnering with a team as visionary as the Move.ai team, as innovative and as accessible as their product is very exciting. It’s simple: the future of entertainment is at hand, and together we can play a big part in delivering it.”

Niall Hendry, Head of Partnerships, Move.ai“Creatives and technologists use disguise technology to deliver the most spectacular virtual and live productions. This strategic symbiosis adds Invisible’s noiseless, real-time, markerless motion capture technology to their arsenal.” We can’t wait to see what users create with these tools.”

A worldwide network of disguise-powered augmented reality stages, along with disguise’s 24/7 global support and advanced training services, are available to train and support teams looking to explore the possibilities of the Invisible solution. . It will open to the public in May 2023.

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