‘Devilish’ AI-generated ‘Will Smith eats spaghetti’ clip goes viral

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AI-generated images are wreaking havoc on the internet these days. AI-generated video clips are going viral right now. 8 million times.

The clip shows the terrifyingly deformed Smith shoving a handful of spaghetti into his mouth with terrifying force. Unlike “Trump’s Arrest” and “Balenciaga Pope,” the “Smith Eating Spaghetti” clip certainly doesn’t fool anyone. It has spread across the internet by sheer malevolent force, with some Twitter users describing it as “diabolical.”

Words cannot express the emotional damage caused by the video because every aspect of the video is deeply, deeply wrong. The expressions, the movements, even the spaghetti itself are alive.

First posted on Reddit by a user known as “chaindrop”, the clip was created using the new Modelscope Text2Video generator that converts text prompts into short video clips. As viscerally offensive as the original post was, another Reddit user added “meatballs” to the original prompt, which only made it worse. This caused Smith’s smiling head to leap into a terrifying “body” consisting of a pile of pulsating, slimy meatballs. He devours it with pleasure.

On Twitter, another user made a clip of Will Smith eating a spaghetti monster. This may be the moment the meme peaked. , intrusive close-up.

Will Smith’s hellish diet has sparked a surge in AI-generated clips depicting celebrities eating spaghetti. scarlett johansson and Brie Larson Join the Cursed Spaghetti Club right away, pope francis, has emerged as one of the most popular archetypes of the AI ​​explosion. That puffy jacket transcended the Pope into digital immortality.

“Balenciaga Pope” was originally conceived by an AI enthusiast who stumbled upon a magical mushroom, and the psychedelic stream of consciousness is perfect for explaining AI-generated videos with dream-like fluidity. maybe a way.

Figures flicker in and out of the objects they interact with, sometimes transforming into someone else entirely. In an AI-generated clip of Elon Musk eating spaghetti, her whimsical Twitter owner is briefly seen transformed into former President Donald Trump.

Modelscope’s text-to-video conversion tool recently went live, and users are experimenting with silly combinations. No clips have yet touched on the existential horror of Will Smith frantically swallowing spaghetti, but most are unnerving in their own way.

In one, Vin Diesel cycles through random scenarios with an unimaginably intense shower.

More basic prompts like Paris Hilton taking a selfie (a well-documented act, with plenty of references) are too glitchy to impress and too boring to laugh at . Not the most enjoyable use of current generation technology.

A short clip of a zombie cowboy devouring human flesh seems to fit the format. If this stage of technology has any artistic potential, it certainly comes with horror and nausea.

We all laughed because in the early days of AI-generated images, melting faces, wobbly faces, missing limbs and extra fingers were the norm. Now those flaws are disappearing.

AI-generated videos will undoubtedly become sophisticated at some point, becoming tools for funny pranks and dangerous misinformation. So far they’re a very fun way to generate Android nightmares.

As for Smith, well, at least it’s gone viral with a video clip that doesn’t see him slapping Chris Rock.

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