uses generative AI to help publishers create video game ads

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Austin-based advances generative artificial intelligence to help mobile game publishers create video ads.

Generative AI has taken the internet by storm with its ability to create new content based on the data used to train it. Prominent examples include OpenAI LP’s ChatGPT, which can answer questions with human-like abilities, and Stable Diffusion, which can generate new and vibrant artwork based on text prompts.’s platform allows publishers to quickly generate ads for their games by inputting the required parameters, and algorithms take care of the heavy lifting. Generate gameplay narratives, ad copy, narration, avatars, and more.

The company was founded in January 2023 by former Meta Platforms Inc. ad auction expert Athar Zia, CEO of, and former Meta Solutions Engineer Jay Shah. They brought in expertise and training data from his previous venture,, which analyzed millions of dollars of ad test data.

“AI can learn from the past to understand which stories resonate the most, what music people liked the most, what gameplay excites them the most, and AI can synthesize all of that. , produces beautiful video ads that deliver performance,” Zia told SiliconANGLE in an email interview. .

According to Zia, traditional ad creation is problematic: 95% of all video ads are expected to miss investment metrics, and 70% of creative time is spent by artists creating videos. By using generative AI, can automate all of the repetitive tasks, Zia said, adding, “What artists do best: generate thoughtful, engaging, and entertaining stories that engage viewers. ,” he said.

The company’s AI-trained model considers a variety of factors when creating ads, including creative tags and objects, gameplay, and emotions. The data set the company compiled also included many of the factors that made the ad “pop” to users. This means you can “focus” on successful concepts and identify what the company calls an “engagement curve.” It can also insert appropriate music and scene transitions to ensure it meets the publisher’s needs.’s core market is mobile gaming, tested by e-commerce and brand partners. “By training algorithms on hundreds of thousands of mobile game ads, Social He has built beautiful and engaging stories for casino, racing, match-3, hyper-casual, design, fashion and player-versus-player style games.” He said Zia.

Although he didn’t name names, the company’s current clients include the world’s top 30 mobile game publishers. 25% lower cost per install and 11% higher CTR.

The company uses its own generative AI model to create ads, and each advertiser’s data is isolated from each other. This allows the platform to remain compliant with any policy, branding, and legal issues that may arise regarding the creation of advertisements and use of the platform.

Zia said he hopes will be a one-stop-shop where advertisers can get analytics on production, testing, iteration, and production strategy. By taking the guesswork out of creating successful ads, he said, creative teams can get back to what they do best: creating new concepts.


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