ChatGPT4 can create new fully coded applications

Applications of AI

An early review of ChatGPT-4, released by OpenAI on March 14, outlines its amazing ability to generate a wide range of intelligent, contextually relevant responses.

These impressive features and other new inputs open up new realms of chatbot use cases. One of the most exciting and impactful is ChatGPT-4’s ability to create new applications with working code.

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Build applications that can run in multiple programming languages

ChatGPT-4’s ability to create code and applications is no accident. OpenAI employs computer programmers to build training data for artificial intelligence (AI). It also uses natural language to explain the code. This is essential for understanding and building applications that AI engines work with. ChatGPT-4 is also adept at debugging code. And the ability to interact with people makes it easier to use than other technical debuggers.

ChatGPT-4 can build websites. Users can enter various parameters in text to create a simple site. You can also map your site to a piece of paper that your chatbot will decipher and use to create your site.

People are using ChatGPT-4 to create Discord bots, AI-powered tools that automate Discord server tasks. This gives non-developers and seasoned pros access to the process of building a whole new working bot without knowing how to code. Sites like GenesisAI have created a complete marketplace where companies of all kinds can integrate AI into their existing models and raise millions of dollars to achieve this goal.

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Many Twitter users have proven ChatGPT-4’s coding prowess by asking ChatGPT-4 to create classic video games such as Pong and Tetris. Chatbots were shown to be able to build an entire working game in minutes, allowing users to create in-browser games without any knowledge of JavaScript. The power and speed of chatbots will transform the gaming industry, as developers can shift coding and other tedious tasks to his AI-generated tools and focus more on creativity and innovation.

Some users highlighted ChatGPT’s ability to create Chrome extensions to perform a series of tasks. Others show how chatbots can use profile data and set preferences to find suitable matches, and image recognition tools to further filter possible partners, thus building matchmaking tools. Did.

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Multiple improvements to extend the functionality of ChatGPT-4

The OpenAI site highlights the strengths of ChatGPT-4. Now that we can recognize images, provide details, and classify those images, let’s dive into the visual input capabilities of chatbots. For example, the OpenAI site shows images of milk, eggs, and flour and prompts, “What can you make with these ingredients?” The results detail a list of what users can create with the identified ingredients, including waffles, frittatas, and multiple other options. This multimodality improves ChatGPT-3, which could only decode text input.

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The company also notes that chatbots are more creative and collaborative than previous iterations. You can create advanced writing tasks and content such as screenplays and songs that adapt over time to your preferred writing style. ChatGPT-4 can also handle long-form content of over 25,000 words, allowing users to create long stories, short novels, and research documents.

Compared to ChatGPT-3, the new version is better at passing tests. OpenAI says he passed the U.S. Bar Exam within the 90th percentile and scored 700 out of 800 (110 points higher than ChatGPT-3) on the math portion of the SAT test.

OpenAI shares ChatGPT-4’s text input capabilities compared to previous versions, highlighting its progress and openly discussing limitations. As the company’s services gain strength, so do concerns about regulation and potential unintended consequences that need to be considered.

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