Can You Conquer This Pokemon Escape Room ROM Hack?

AI Basics

Pokemon puzzles are never too hard. Ice He Pass StrengthHe may get bogged down in boulders or have trouble understanding Wallace’s gym logic, but he was a kid back then. Such things do not bother you now. Braille to unlock Regis, on the other hand, was completely unfair, though easily solved with the help of the internet or a blind friend.

If you want a real test, Pokemon ROM Hack is the answer. Whatever you wanted, someone would have made it. An incredibly difficult version of Emerald Kaizo, based on the gym leader’s former VGC World Champion with maxed IV and AI, is your friend. Want a completely different gaming experience than the usual nuzlocke?Here’s a Hades-esque Pokemon roguelite hack. And do you want puzzles? What does an escape room sound like?

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Fire Red VR Missions is no ordinary escape room. This isn’t just a puzzle where all the keys look like Voltorb and the codes are written in Unown, it’s all about how much you know your Pokemon and using some scarce resources to defeat the trainer and get the ending. In one mission, an Electrode, a Golem, and a Gengar each only know the Explosion move, so while figuring out how to defeat a series of Trainers, you’ll have to blast rocks to the finish line. you have to get there. The usual Pokemon rules don’t really apply here. Using Explosion will stun you, but it can also be used in place of Rock Smash.

pokemon escape room explosion

I am ahead of myself. Things start off simple, but even the easiest modes of the game quickly throw a curveball. To do.

Start with polygon 2 at level 50. I know the moves for transforms, tackles, sharps and defensive curls. Head into battle and you’ll be molyhopped. How is this awful moveset meant to beat Sand Slash, Audino, and Mook to get to the exit, and why does he have a Move Deleter in front of the three trainers? ?

If you figured out how to do it from there, you’re either lying or you’ve already played the game. Fire Red VR Mission Rule 1: Always check your bag. oh did you check the bag? You’ll find some useful TMs in this particular mission. Iron Tail, Shadow Ball, and Aerial Aces change the game.

pokemon escape room conversion

It’s still a little work to complete the escape room, but you get the basics. Applies TM to polygons. Remove other movements. Use transforms to change types during combat. Use TMed moves to beat your opponents. This is a Logic his puzzle that uses Pokémon types and niche mechanics to test your knowledge of the game in a way that the main his series never did, and is a great head start for all his PokeFans out there. Gymnastics. Win the Sporcle quiz anytime.

You wouldn’t want a puzzle this challenging in a regular Pokemon game, but as a standalone ROM hack, the VR missions are a ton of fun for avid PokeFans. Don’t let the name fool you. You can play this on any emulator. Virtual His Reality simply refers to the puzzle in-universe lore where the character puts on a headset and tests himself.

This article detailed some of the earliest and easiest missions, but as you progress, things become a real brain tickle. Want to prove what you know? Want to see how much Smeargle can break? Want to kill a Dragonite in cold blood with a Poké Pistol? The last one is made up, but if you really want to test your Pokémon knowledge and puzzle-solving chops, Fire Red VR Missions is for you. Make sure you’re ready to think outside of Dustox.

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