Bizarre AI video reimagines Harry Potter characters as models for Balenciaga

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You’re a model, Harry…

Harry Potter fans are getting an unprecedented look at the beloved character in a strange yet wonderful new video reimagined as a model for Balenciaga.

Generated using artificial intelligence, this clip shows Hogwarts transformed into a catwalk.

The video titled “Harry Potter by Balenciaga” was created using deepfake technology and posted by Instagram user @demonflyingfox.

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In the clip, Harry, Ron, and Hermione look like supermodels, but Voldemort, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Snape, and more are also getting high-fashion makeovers.

This is another creative use of AI, reimagining characters in a whole new light.To be honest, the world of Harry Potter and devil wears prada.

This is certainly one of the most ingenious uses of AI we’ve ever seen. We believe there are some surprising examples as well.

One of the worst recently was Eric Trump, who posted an AI-generated image on social media and walked through New York surrounded by thousands of people after Trump was arrested on April 4. He claims to be depicting his father.


However, thanks to the distorted faces of the crowd and the flaws in the hands of the people in the street, people quickly realized it was completely fake.

Meanwhile, Harry Potter fans enjoyed a new game with a new video game earlier this year Hogwarts Legacy I came back in February.

However, the game has had many ramifications, with servers or “instances” of Mastodon, a decentralized social media platform housing thousands of users, shut down after its hosts complained about spoilers. Harry potter game.

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