Bing AI Chat extends to Android apps with SwiftKey integration

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Want to use AI-powered Bing Chat with a third-party Android app? Now possible with Microsoft’s SwiftKey virtual keyboard app.

On Android, Microsoft integrates Bing Chat with the SwiftKey app, which Redmond acquired in 2016. Join our Beta channel and experience the future,” said Pedram Rezaei, his CTO for Mobile and Commerce. murmured(opens in new window) today.

However, the integration goes beyond keyboard apps. This is because SwiftKey can be used with all his Android apps from third parties such as Google’s Chrome browser, Gmail, Facebook, etc.

Compose an email in Gmail using bing chat.

(Credit: PCMag/SwiftKey)

Just start typing text in third-party apps. SwiftKey pops up an icon that leads to Bing with ChatGPT. A window will open on top of your Android app, allowing you to ask your question in Bing Chat. There is also a button next to each reply that allows you to copy the answer from the chatbot and paste it into a 3rd party Android app.

At a time when Microsoft primarily restricted chatbot access to the Edge browser on desktop and mobile, this integration further expands Bing Chat’s reach. On the downside, you can only access the SwiftKey integration if Microsoft has already invited you to the Bing Chat preview.

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Download to access features(opens in new window) Get free SwiftKey for Android Beta from the Google Play Store. SwiftKey is also available for iOS, but Bing integration is not yet supported.

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