Best electric dryers and drying racks in 2023

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Brabantia via Amazon

is a great opportunity to invest in eco friendly dryer and a drying rack. During spring and summer, you’ll be dealing with a ton of swimsuits and heavy beach towels in the dryer. It’s time to invest in dryers and drying racks that are good for the environment and your clothes.

CBS Essentials experts found: Best spring cleaning deals on laundry appliances From your favorite brands like Samsung, LG, Bosch, Maytag and more. These dryers are known for having the latest smart features and functions. The CBS Essentials team also found plenty of eco-friendly and wallet-friendly drying racks you can buy right now. All of these items are rated 4 stars or higher and contain many positive reviews.

The best dryers of 2023

Pair the washer with either best electric dryers of 2023You can buy top-notch dryers from Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Maytag and more. Many of these smart dryers can be controlled remotely from your smartphone and use AI technology and internal sensors to detect the optimal drying and time settings for your laundry.

Samsung Smart Dial electric dryer with Super Speed ​​Dry


A large-capacity dryer that dries a large amount of laundry in just 30 minutes. According to Samsung, the dryer can remove 99.9% of germs and bacteria from clothes. The dryer’s AI-powered smart dial can learn and recommend your favorite drying cycles and customize your cycle list.

Download Samsung’s SmartThings app to remotely start or stop your appliance, receive cycle end alerts, and schedule cycles.

Samsung Smart Dial electric dryer with Super Speed ​​Dry, $1,439 (usually $1,600)

Samsung smart Steam Sanitize+ electric dryer


This 4.7-star rated high-capacity dryer features integrated Wi-Fi so you can remotely start or stop cycles, schedule laundry, and receive end-of-cycle alerts.

According to the brand, this Samsung dryer’s Steam Sanitize+ cycle removes 99.9% of germs and bacteria, over 95% of pollen, and kills 100% of mites. Appliance multi-steam technology steams away wrinkles, odors and static electricity.

Samsung Smart Electric Dryer with Steam Sanitizer, $729 (usually $999)

Whirlpool electric dryer with AutoDry drying system

Whirlpool via Best Buy

Whirlpool manufactures a 4.6 star rated dryer that boasts regular end-of-cycle tumbling options to prevent creases and wrinkles. Top rated appliances feature 3 temperature selections and 14 settings.

This super-high-capacity dryer is on sale at Best Buy.

Whirlpool electric dryer with AutoDry drying system, $550 (usually $675)

Maytag smart electric dryer with steam and extra power buttons

Maytag by Best Buy

Need more power and more space? This 4.5 star rated super high capacity Maytag dryer features an extra power button. Press the button to extend time, heat and tumbling for more drying power on any cycle. Dryers for sale include a static-reducing setting that adds a fine mist of water to the items you tumble near the end of the cycle to prevent clothes and sheets from sticking together.

not at home? no problem. Use the Maytag app to remotely start or stop appliances and receive end-of-cycle notifications.

Maytag smart electric dryer with steam and extra power buttons, $900 (usually $1,125)

LG Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Rear Control Electric Dryer with EasyLoad Door


This 4.7-star rated dryer has double-opening doors for easy unloading of clean laundry. LG home appliances are equipped with sensors that detect moisture and automatically adjust drying times to save energy.

The machine’s FlowSense duct clogging and filter cleaning indicators warn you when it’s time to clean the ducts and lint filters and make them as dry as possible.

LG Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Rear Control Electric Dryer with EasyLoad Doors, $849 (usually $1,150)

Beko ventless condensing electric dryer

Beko via appliance connection

This Beko ventless condensing electric dryer tops Energy Star’s 2023 Most Efficient Electric Dryer list.

Eco-friendly dryer features 15 cycles including jeans, sanitizer and fitness wear. Now on sale.

Beko ventless condensing electric dryer, $1,399 (usually $1,745)

Samsung dryer with Bespoke design and AI Optimal Dry


this samsung bespoke The dryer has been ranked in Energy Star’s Top 5 Most Efficient Electric Dryers for 2023.

This energy-efficient dryer dries a full load in 30 minutes thanks to Samsung’s SuperSpeed ​​Dry technology. Appliance AI Optimal Drying Cycle automatically selects time and temperature settings based on what is being dried. Features a reversible door.

Choose from 2 colors.

Samsung dryer with Bespoke design and AI Optimal Dry, $1,300 (usually $1,600)

The best drying racks of 2023

Looking to add eco-friendly practices to your laundry routine? Maybe you just need a safe place to dry your heavy and delicate items. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve found a top-rated drying rack that keeps your laundry flat and prevents shrinkage, snagging, and tearing.

Songmics Drying Rack

Songmics via Amazon

This 4-wing drying rack has 33 rails. His two wings on the top of this clothes rack can be adjusted to three heights. This clothes rack comes with his 27 clips for socks, gloves and other small items.

“If you air dry your laundry, you need this in your life!” wrote an Amazon customer who rated this clothes drying rack 5 stars. “You can hang a king-sized fitted sheet on the top rack and an entire workout outfit on the bottom rack at the same time, and everything really dries.”

Songmics Drying Rack, $60 (down from $80)

AmazonBasics Collapsible Laundry Rack

amazon basic

This 4.7-star rated Amazon Basics Collapsible Laundry Rack is the perfect tool for drying delicates, jeans, sweaters, and more. It can support up to 32 lbs. The accordion design makes it easy to fold and store in your closet or under your bed.

Amazon Basics Collapsible Laundry Rack, $38

Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Outdoor Drying Rack

Brabantia via Amazon

If you have outdoor space, why not invest in an outdoor clothes drying rack? This giant drying rack features a 196-foot laundry line. You can put up to 4 pieces of laundry at once.

Brabantia plants a tree for each drying rack sold.

Brabantia Lift-O-Matic outdoor drying rack, $119 (regularly $183)

Home Solutions Collapsible Clothes and Drying Racks

Home Solutions via Amazon

This collapsible clothes and clothes drying rack holds up to 65 pounds of laundry.

“I have a washer/dryer and I don’t want to wait all day to dry my clothes. This works great and I can wash it three times and hang it to dry. It’s easy to clean up and saves space “It takes very little,” Amazon wrote.Customers of this 4.5-star rated drying rack.

Home Solution Collapsible Clothes and Clothes Drying Rack, $56 (usually $70)

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