AWS and Workday tackle enterprise AI applications

Applications of AI

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched partnerships with enterprise software companies focused on generative artificial intelligence. Working days.

“This expanded partnership brings together the power of Workday AI and AWS to deliver AI capabilities to our customers more quickly and efficiently.” Shane Luke“Workday is committed to delivering the best possible AI and machine learning for our customers,” said Steve S. news release Thursday (July 11). “At Workday AI, we're focused on delivering value to our customers by: Usage of “Leveraging AWS to enable Workday applications to process enterprise data allows us to focus more directly on that goal, using the tools and services AWS provides for a range of model management and operations.”

Workday uses AWS tools such as: Amazon Bedrock and Amazon SageMaker Jumpstart According to the announcement, the company will develop generative AI capabilities to help clients manage their workforce and financial assets.

“For example, Workday is using AWS' generative AI capabilities to help customers create job descriptions in minutes instead of hours, analyze and revise contracts for more accurate revenue reporting, and create personalized highlights of employee talent,” the release stated.

In addition, Workday AWS Generative AI Innovation Center This means expanding our use of Amazon SageMaker to explore new AI applications and implementing model guardrails to improve the performance of our large-scale language models. Responsible AI Policy “Evaluate use cases for generative AI for production,” according to the release.

Also this week, AWS introduced a generative AI-powered service that enables users to create applications using natural language.

of AWS App Studio Users can describe the application they want, what they want the application to do, and the data sources they want to integrate.

The service, currently in preview in Oregon, uses that information to build ready-to-use applications “in just minutes,” according to the company.

Amazon's focus on AI is huge Drivers of growth This year, the company has several new Generative AI PYMNTS reported in May that AWS's products and services are growing at a faster clip. AWS revenue grew 17% year over year to $25 billion, and operating profit rose to $9.4 billion from $5.1 billion in the first quarter of last year.

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