Avado’s FastFutures business launches AI-powered virtual Coach Copilot to transform work-based learning

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Gen AI technology is accelerating learning for Avado’s FastFutures business. First, we will launch a virtual Coach Copilot to enable 24/7 personalized feedback and guidance for data and technology apprentices.

London, April 6, 2023 /PR Newswire/ — FastFutures now powered by Avadolaunched a virtual “Coach Copilot” to support apprentices with data and technology training programs. Built using the latest Gen AI technology, Coach Copilot is designed to provide an apprentice with personalized, immediate her 24/7 support and accelerate their learning journey.

“Our co-pilot coaches are trained on their job-specific training needs to ensure that apprentices are productive and can coach when needed.” Lee Arthur, CEO of Avado Learning. “I want OJT to provide solid support by learning in the flow of work.”

Beta testing began with a small number of apprentices this week, and FastFutures has already received great feedback. Companies interested in using Coach Copilot can sign up for a waitlist on the FastFutures website.

Coach copilots are trained using FastFutures proprietary program content. This content has been created by education professionals and further curated to ensure that the support learners receive is based on accurate, relevant and secure information. The Copilot coach then leverages her Gen-AI to craft responses that make learners feel like they are talking to a human, making her available 24/7. .

“I can now spend more time helping learners achieve their personal development goals and understanding how to put what they learn into practice. It also helps when you’re not in. It helps you get the most out of your time with your learners. AM!” said Steve DewickFastFutures Learning and Development Coach.

Avado will use a phased approach to release Coach Copilot, starting with FastFutures. It will then be rolled out more widely based on user feedback. Coach Copilot forms an exciting part of Avado Learning’s commitment to providing innovative and effective digital skills training solutions.

About Fast Futures
Driven by Avado, FastFutures is a movement that champions ambitious and diverse talent across the UK. FastFutures focuses on training and developing key digital skills through apprenticeships and skills bootcamps, supporting employability for learners while supporting the UK’s most ambitious organizations with their talent pipelines. , supports the upskilling of existing human resources. FastFutures was launched in 2020 as a unique work readiness program to help diverse young people prove their future careers in an environment disrupted by the pandemic. Since then, it has grown into a movement supporting over 7,000 learners.

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About Abad
Avado Learning is a leading provider of digital skills training and professional HR certifications, offering a range of courses and programs designed to help individuals and businesses develop their digital skills, with a focus on innovation and effectiveness. doing. Avado is proud to support the transformation and upskilling programs of some of the UK’s largest and most innovative organizations including BT Group, Blenheim Chalcot, Legal & General and the NHS.

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