Arm AI Applications at Computex 2024

Applications of AI

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Arm will focus on four key applications for its AI business, but could face increased competition from former customers' home-grown IP.


As the surge in generative AI applications drives demand for large-scale computing and increases power consumption for AI training and inference, Digitimes Research noted that Arm's RISC-based chips, known for their high performance and low power consumption, are rising to prominence in this wave of AI applications.

As a result, Arm has forged close collaborations with providers of cloud datacenter servers, AI smartphones, and PC products to capitalize on the business opportunities presented by generative AI.

In its keynote speech at Computex 2024, Arm revealed that it is focusing on four major AI application areas: mobile phones, PCs, automobiles, and cloud. It will provide highly integrated solutions that combine CPU, GPU, and NPU IP products to meet customer demands for high energy efficiency and flexible architectures in various fields and meet the needs of new AI applications.

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Price: NT$16,250 (approx. US$500)

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