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Artificial Intelligence Researcher Says ‘Everyone Will Perish’ If AI Is Allowed To Be Unbridled

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Release: 2023/04/06 (Thu) 22:19

Built on OpenAI, ChatGPT shows that recent breakthroughs have pushed the power and intelligence of artificial intelligence to a point where it may start surpassing human intelligence.

According to Mashable’s website, this artificial intelligence chatbot can retrieve and analyze vast amounts of data and generate content based on the GPT-4 language processing paradigm.

In fact, it can answer almost any query posed to it. However, this is just the beginning. Artificial intelligence researchers say that if AI intelligence is allowed to increase unchecked, “everyone will perish.”

On the surface, AI chatbots are highly beneficial tools that can improve human efficiency and productivity. It can serve as a direct source of information accessible on the Internet, reducing the amount of time consumers spend scrolling.

It can also evaluate large amounts of text to provide users with information about specific data points. ChatGPT recently surprised veterinarians by successfully identifying a dog’s disease and saving their lives.

There is also a downside to this. Many of these dangers exist when AI is still in its infancy. This explains why Elon Musk and his co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, recently signed a petition demanding that all AI operations be halted until a regulatory body is established.

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