Ai Weiwei Interview: Everyday Items That Reveal the Truth

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One of Love’s most famous works, a series of photographs titled Dropping a Han Dynasty Pot (1995), depicts the artist appearing to destroy a 2,000-year-old relic. I’m here. The image cemented Eye as the prolific iconoclast we know today: “As part of humanity, artists build and dismantle to create new definitions, to define our value system.” and are constantly scrutinizing and assessing the potential for existence,” Ai told his BBC Culture. “Standing on the other side of the problem, or on the other side of myself, that’s how I always approach problems. I think it’s the most reliable way.”

How did your personal experience influence your work?

Simply put, everything I’ve ever done, is doing, and will address is one question: Who am I? It is well known that our understanding of ourselves is intimately tied to our life experiences, our memories, and the way we respond to everyday situations. This can be a struggle, as our self-awareness is not something that can be easily separated from reality and memory.

I fully realized this quite late. Before 2011 he was over 50 years old and I was very confused. On April 3, 2011, I was secretly detained. It was a very important moment for me because this experience forced me to reassess my situation, where I came from and who I was. I was surprisingly released. It was then that I realized what had happened in the past, why my father, who was a poet, was exiled, and how the time spent with him affected me. I realized that there is a need.

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