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STORIES: From competition enforcement agencies targeting big tech companies to why bots haven't decided elections yet, brought to you by AI Weekly.

Nvidia is facing antitrust charges in France.

Reuters sources said watchdogs were concerned about the company's dominance in AI systems.

If true, this would be the first time that a national enforcement agency has taken action against a chip champion.

The EU is targeting a lot of big names.

Regulators are investigating Microsoft's relationship with OpenAI, as well as Google's partnership with Samsung.

The concern is that big tech companies are blocking smaller rivals' ability to reach users and businesses.

Even in a big election year, AI has yet to exert much of a power to influence voting.

That's the conclusion of British experts who looked at the impact of the technology in 112 national elections.

Researcher Sam Stockwell says AI is only exacerbating existing problems.

“Lower trust in government and in information sources, deeper political polarization, stronger echo chambers — all of these things I think are being exacerbated by the threat of deepfakes and AI.”

Apple will essentially have a seat on OpenAI's board of directors.

According to media reports, App Store head Phil Schiller will have observer status but no voting rights.

This is all part of a deal struck last month to integrate the ChatGPT maker's technology into Apple products.

And Baidu has released an upgraded version of its AI model, “Ernie 4.0 Turbo.”

The Chinese search giant is hoping to maintain its position in the country's highly competitive AI market.

The company says that the Ernie chatbot has gained 300 million users since its release.

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