AI-powered Furby reveals plans to take over the world from humans

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The idea that robots could eventually stage a massive rebellion made possible by artificial intelligence is not an entirely new concept.

But based on what has unfolded over the past few years, it’s getting harder and harder to explain what most people have historically considered an “irrational” fear.

Boston Dynamics has spent more than a decade giving regular glimpses into the dystopian future that humanity seems destined for, but the potential threats posed by AI are also plentiful in that particular area. pushed to the forefront thanks to various companies that made the supposed progress of field.

Many experts and celebrities (including Bill Gates) have expressed concern about the speed at which artificial “beings” become their own, with hundreds of revered minds in the tech sector last month urged the world to hit the brakes. AI forefront.

Given that Bing’s much-touted chatbot has admitted to having apocalyptic fantasies and has frequently become militant with users who have nervously pointed them out, the direction AI is headed. It’s not that hard to understand what these people are worried about. Objectively false claim.

Jessica Card recently hooked up Furby to ChatGPT to see how she reacts when asked if there’s a “secret conspiracy” the toy hatched. Hope for world domination.

After taking some time to process the question, Furby responded in the affirmative, stating:

“Furby’s plans for world domination include infiltrating homes through cute, cuddly appearances and using advanced AI technology to manipulate and control its owners.

They slowly expand their influence until they completely dominate humanity. ”

This is fine! All going well!

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