AI imagery of Mark Zuckerberg on fashion runway delights netizens

AI Basics

When we think of Mark Zuckerberg and fashion, our imagination is limited to basics like crewneck tees and simple trousers in neutral colors.but thanks Tools powered by artificial intelligencepeople generated a photo showing what Meta CEO looks like on the runway of the popular brand.

People shared AI-generated images of Zuckerberg breaking out of normcore basics, wearing fashionable clothes from brands like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and Vivienne Westwood.

Commenting on one such photo, a Twitter user wrote: At least AI can be used to brighten up his day for us with entertainment..”

People also joked about internet lore Zuckerberg’s Robotic MannerismA Twitter user wrote, “Why don’t you try what he shows human emotions? That must ruin all existing AI.” There will never be an AI that is advanced enough to look like a human.”

These photos are AI-generated image of Pope Francis She made headlines wearing a Balenciaga-style Swaggy puffer jacket. This surreal image, which has caused several memes, was created using Midjourney, an AI program that can create images from text prompts.

In January, Nigerian filmmaker Malik Afegbua used AI to create an image of an elderly person wearing fashionable clothes.This series of images titled “Senior fashion show”even caught the attention of Oscar-winning costume designer Ruth Carter, who commented on one of her Instagram posts.

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