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Ah, AI image generation. I have a lot to answer. In just 12 months, we went from creating a spooky mashup that could cause nightmares to almost photorealistic perfection. This means it is safe for pets.

Yes, it is. In exciting news about livestock everywhere, Picsart, one of the leading platforms for the AI ​​avatars we suddenly see on social media profile pictures, has expanded its tools to accommodate pets (catch up struggling? See our how-to article). To use DALL-E 2 for the basics of AI image generation).

Picsart AI Avatar Pet

AI Avatars Pet can create artistic images of pets in different “styles” (Image credit: Picsart)

According to Picsart, AI Avatar Pets allow you to “create unique portraits of your most loyal friends.” It works in a similar way to existing selfie tools. He uploads 10-20 photos of his subjects to use as models, then selects a ‘style’.

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