Adobe Firefly – Announcing Ethical Text-to-Image AI

Applications of AI

Adobe’s Creative Cloud applications already use artificial intelligence, but the company announced the introduction of a new text-to-image generator called Firefly, part of its Sensei technology.

According to Adobe, Firefly brings precision, power and speed to Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, Experience Cloud and Adobe Express workflows where content is created and edited. One of the biggest concerns about using AI in content creation is the source of the images used. Adobe aims to protect creators while empowering them with the latest technology.

Therefore, Firefly’s initial training model uses images from Adobe Stock, open-licensed content, and non-copyrighted public domain content. The purpose is to enable the creation of content suitable for commercial use. Adobe also plans to introduce a “do not train” tag that creators can add to images they wish to exclude from her AI training. Tags remain in the content wherever they are used.

Adobe also plans to allow creators to train Firefly with their own content, allowing users to create new content in their own style.

Firefly public beta program announced. Creators with Adobe accounts are invited to request to participate in accessing features in development. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback to the development team.

Follow the link to request an Adobe Firefly invite.

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