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Entrio, which helps businesses adopt technology responsibly, has announced the launch of its AI assistant.

Entrio, an Israeli startup providing a responsible technology adoption platform, today released Entrio Copilot, an AI assistant designed to transform the way financial services organizations navigate and adopt technology.

As today's enterprise technology stacks become more complex, it's crucial to stay ahead with the right technology. But keeping track of all the innovation can be a daunting task. Entrio Copilot takes the hassle out of technology decisions, making them easier to research, evaluate, and integrate.

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Entrio Copilot is a major advancement for the Entrio platform, delivering a next-generation user experience that allows customers to ask technology market questions and receive answers, leveraging pre-populated prompts such as:

  • Lists the core capabilities of this vendor or solution.
  • Tell us about any recent adverse events related to this vendor or solution.
  • List alternative solutions available on the market.
  • Is this solution used within Entrio's network?
  • What does this solution integrate with?
  • What types of certifications are there?
  • Which public cloud providers does it run on?

Combining Entrio's proprietary data, taxonomy and network insights with multiple sources of information, Large-scale language models (LLM) certified, Entrio Copilot creates customized data sets tailored to each organization's needs. Importantly, Entrio Copilot ensures that sensitive information remains secure within the organization's environment, addressing data security and compliance concerns.

“Entrio Copilot confirms that we are positioned for long-term success in the era of LLM and generative AI,” said Barry Chen“By combining our proprietary data with the latest advancements in AI, our customers will have access to customized, real-time insights that drive smarter decision-making,” said , Entrio's CTO.

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“Entrio Copilot embodies our commitment to innovation, security and customer success,” he added. Avi Cohen“We believe this solution will revolutionize the way our clients approach their technology strategy, providing them with the insight and confidence they need to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving environment,” said , Entrio's CEO and co-founder.

About Entrio

Entrio is a responsible technology adoption platform built to help financial institutions adopt the right technology. It enables enterprise architecture and IT teams to continually manage, reuse, and add technology while ensuring efficient, sustainable growth of the business. Entrio can be deployed in days, delivering immediate ROI by accelerating time to market, reducing costs, and mitigating risk. The company is ISO-27001 certified, SOC-2 ready, and proud to work with some of the largest banks in the world.

The company's chairman is Elisha Wieselis a former CIO of Goldman Sachs and is backed by multiple venture capital firms and industry players, including BNY and American Family Ventures.

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